FOREMAN® Locker Z-Tier Phenol, Heavy-Duty, Water-Resistant

Size: 12"W-18"D-72"H
Color: Amaretto
Lock Type: Padlock Hasp
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- 20 Year Warranty
- Graffiti and Wear Resistant
- Corrosion and Chemical Resistant
- Class A or B Fire Rated Material
- Scratch and Cut Resistant

FOREMAN® Z-Tier Phenolic Lockers are among the most durable lockers available, making them an excellent choice for school hallways, locker rooms, and more. The phenolic lockers have a non-porous surface that prohibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, so they are ideal for wet or damp areas. FOREMAN® Phenolic Lockers are also waterproof and graffiti and scratch-resistant. Each locker has a 3/8" thick, frameless door that allows easy access to contents. Use your own padlock with the hasp. FOREMAN® Single-Tier Phenolic Lockers are made in the USA. 20-year warranty.

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